General Practice Areas

Montana legal Services
  • Montana construction law
  • Montana family law
  • Employment law
  • Health Care
  • Litigation
  • Montana personal injury law
  • Products liability
  • Transactions
  • Montana real estate law and real property laws
  • Montana wills and estate law

Gough, Shanahan, Johnson, and Waterman (GSJW) conducts business in a wide variety of fields of Montana and federal law, serving a broad spectrum of individual and corporate clients. With disciplines ranging from employment/labor, litigation and transactions; to family, real estate, and construction; our skilled legal staff is ready to serve you.


Montana State Capitol Building
  • State and federal compliance and enforcement
  • Governmental: Montana and Federal
  • Lobbying
  • State, local, and estate taxation
  • Transportation law

When the need arises for transactions with local, state, or federal government authorities, or pursuing governmental permits, GSJW has the know-how needed to adeptly maneuver through intricate Montana and federal administrative processes. The firm can assist clients with state and federal regulatory issues, compliance, governmental relations, registration and certification requirements and more on a variety of matters.


Montana Forest
  • Endangered species
  • Montana and federal Reclamation
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Water quality and Montana water rights
  • Air quality

Montanans are committed to the stewardship and reclamation of their natural surroundings. If environmental permitting questions arise over details of real property ownership, mineral rights, or land use, attorneys at GSJW can help. Whether seeking water rights for agriculture, assessing air or water quality standards or reviewing endangered species, GSJW is experienced in providing the assistance needed to properly pursue activities interacting with Montana’s land and resources as well as communicating with regulatory agencies.

Insurance and Employment

Employment Safety
  • Employment, health and safety
  • Immigration law
  • Insurance defense and coverage

In the workplace, situations often arise that require the assistance and protection of an informed and experienced attorney. At GSJW, we are committed to supporting the rights and benefits of our clients. From safety issues to aiding immigration services, our firm is ready to facilitate your insurance and employment needs.

Natural Resources

Mining Reclamation Site
  • Energy law (oil, gas, coal, uranium, coalbed methane)
  • Mining law (base, precious metals, and industrial minerals)
  • Timber

Montana is a land rich in natural resources. The development of coal, lumber, oil and gas, precious metals, base metals, coalbed methane, and other energy-producing minerals requires special legal attention and knowledge. The team at GSJW is adept at pursuing successful interrelations that serve the residents and protect the natural assets of the Treasure State.

Other Specialty Areas

Montana Copyright, Patent and Trademark Law
  • Banking law and regulation
  • Collections, Foreclosures and Creditor Bankruptcy
  • Intellectual property law (copyright, patent, and trademark)
  • International business
  • Montana school law and public school districts

In addition to the list above, GSJW is adept at many other fields of law. We are able to assist our clients with banking, intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks and patents and branding/marketing issues), international business (immmigration, customs and business consulting), and school law problems. We can facilitate actions pursuant to Montana collections and foreclosure laws, and federal creditor bankruptcy laws. The firm can also assist with formation of an LLC or incorporated business entity, and with other concerns facing businesses today.

Firm Associations and Locations

Gough, Shanahan is the Montana member firm of the State Capital Group, an international association of law firms located in the capital of each of the 50 states, as well as many international capitals, providing a centralized source of information about lawmaking and regulations in each of the fifty states and member countries.

Member firms of the State Capital Group practice independently and not in a relationship for the joint practice of law.

GSJW provides support to CSC of Montana, Inc., which provides routine corporate filing services for an annual fee.

In addition, many of the firm’s members are active in state and national legislative affairs, chair committees of the Montana and American Bar Associations, and local non-profit organizations. Our active participation in these state and national organizations allows us to better assist clients with international, national or out-of-state issues that may arise during our representation of their interests.

Headquartered in the state’s capital, GSJW’s Helena office is familiar with the workings of the state and federal government at all levels, enabling us to consider a full range of possible administrative, judicial and legislative solutions to our clients’ problems.

Our Billings and Missoula offices were established in 2002 and 2008, respectively to serve the residents of Montana’s most populous communities.

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